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Bea Schreiber has been acting since she was a little girl. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with of Bachelor of Science in Film & Television with a minor in Theatre & Sociology. Bea is the CEO of Blinking Dog Productions where she Writes, Produces and Directs her own content. One of the things she enjoys most is being on set producing and starring in her own films. She's also an avid writer with several published books and scripts on Amazon.


For years Bea worked as an editor for CBS2 news, where she won many awards, including a Golden Mic and several Emmys for her work, including an Emmy for Most Outstanding News Editor of Los Angeles in 2007.


Bea is married to Brad Schreiber, a Writer, Director, Producer, and Visual Effects Editor. They are currently in development on several different features and television shows starring their three children.

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